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"END" endgame in Last Epoch?

Are there going to be insane chase items (think headhunter from PoE or legendary weapons from classic WoW) in Last epoch? I’m talking about a staff that would cause meteor to be cast every couple of seconds for free, marksman helmet that would cause you to fire additional projectiles and gain damage per enemy killed recently, or a forge guard body armour that encases you in fire dealing moderate AoE damage passively. Items that look visually powerful, and when you join a group you think “wow that guy is strong”. Something you can farm for a few hundred hours and not get it, but THATS the reason you are farming, for a minuscule chance of that dropping?

For bosses, will there be some bosses that 99% of the community cannot kill them, because they are too powerful? 95%? Is it good to have content that is extremely difficult, or is that making content the the vast majority of playerbase doesn’t get to experience a bad idea? How hardcore do we want Last Epoch to be?

I personally enjoy extreme bosses and chase items, ones that when you get it you can say “I just got 3 times stronger”. I think one of D3s major flaws was that at the very endgame you are just grinding for 1% more damage, not anything build defining/enabling/powerful. Maybe when seasons come around you are one of the only players with that item. I was just curious on what the “end” endgame the community and last epoch devs want.

I personally like endgame where everything drops while u´r just playing the game! I don´t like that I have to do that boss for that item and so on! For example I don´t like Uberlab even so I hardly ever die there. But u have to take into account that u´ll have to do Uberlab! Even worse is D2, where u kinda need a Smiter to do Ubers and so on. That being said I don´t mind very rare itemz, as long as I can get them just playing the game!

Without sharing more, the devs have hinted that there will be chase items down the pipeline. I guess we just have to wait and see what they are :wink:

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