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Enchant weapon AutoCast - lag

everytime that the enchant weapon autocasts i get a huge lag spike.
i only noticed it once i got to endgame though.

I’ve seen this too.

I was having this problem as well, so I played around with how I was specced. The stuttering on enchant weapon autocast seemed to disappear once I specced out of the node that cleanses ailments when it casts. Hopefully that helps narrow things down.

I didn’t have that node (the cleanse one) unfortunately & the game was still lagging when the autocast occurred.

i also do not have the cleanse one .

this issue seems to get worse the longer the game is recasting the skill.
perhaps something is not being destroyed properly with the animation ?

perhaps there is something with the monolith/arena structure that is also interacting here.
problem goes away for a little bit after restarting game , though you can’t restart game and return to an arena run - soo it is annoying.

left game on while i went to work in arena. had to abandon arena when i got home because the lag time on recast was up to about 10 seconds.

taking off the skill and putting it back on after a minute did not fix this issue.

I had the same problem, maybe it’s codded in a way that it keeps tracking the cooldown time thats why the problem became worse and worse with time, don’t now.

I see others are having the same problem I am lol. I also noticed that the longer my play session went on, the greater the lag spike on each autocast. I almost wonder if it is creating instances of the spell/buff without getting rid of any of them, or something to that effect. Not really sure as I am an amateur when it comes to programming haha

yep, just did in mono 15 because of this, it really seems getting worse the longer u play

Sorry about this! I haven’t been able to reproduce this internally, though admittedly I haven’t tested thoroughly. I don’t think I’ll be able to put more time into this before 0.7.7.

However, some optimization changes we are making for 0.7.7 may mitigate or solve this issue. Please let us know if this is still a problem after 0.7.7 is released.

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