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EHG - please tease us!

I would suggest its time for some new teaser - drop us some minor infos on upcoming stuff - I´m starving!!! :slight_smile:

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They are already teasing you. They know you want it, they know you know they have it and that it’s juicy (as it always is). Therefore @Sarno is already teasing you, you just don’t know it.
But they know it.
Now you know it.


Ohhh, I see… so you are saying: I should know that EHG knows what I don’t know and knowing this should be teasing? But knowing this feels still like knowing nothing and that for sure is not teasing but torture!

Considering this let me rephrase:

EHG – I know that you know that I know almost nothing. But I let you know now that this knowing is too little to be teased but knowing enough to feel tortured – so please relief me from this torture of course knowing that you cant tell too much but you also know now that your beloved users are feeling tortured. With knowing this you should know that users should know a bit more than they know right now.

(this has been created by a non-native speaker :blush:)

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There is always an element of torture in teasing. Besides, knowing Sarno, he’s come up with something truely, obscenely, oblique to tease you with. Something that will make you wish you’d never asked…

Like a baby Trebuchet.

Or maybe a lunging fencer.

Which may or may not have something to do with nothing or nothing to do with everything!

Maybe he’ll just say that it’ll be awesome, which is likely to be true but tells you nothing…

So I’ll just leave you with this awesomeness while you wait for @Sarno to troll your nuts off.


Here´s a teaser for ya


I believe I overheard that meeting.


This could easily be placed in an… inappropriate forum and fit in perfectly :laughing:

This is way less funny, when being german :smiley:

This scene has been used too many times for all kind of crap xD

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Then just watch my gif about the squirrel catapult that I totally found by myself and didn’t steal from anywhere that any one can prove.


I had a feeling that was you…


I don’t think it’s fun for everyone who understands the spoken language but then again the timing for written text was realy nice but look at it if we combine both.

Rogues are the allied forces…
Sentinels are Nazi special forces who should be able to stop every invading force…
Mages are secret weapons the Nazis want to dominate the world with…
Primalists are… useless

Feelsbad for everyone who likes to play Sentinel and I don’t even want to think about german Sentinel players :D.


Best thing I seen all day :laughing:

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Okay, translating Mein Furhrer to Sarno actually made me spit take. I choked so hard it was another five minutes before I could come back and watch the rest of it.


Hehe, I thought it was fitting as im sure he one day will establish higways in LE (for even faster time travel) and make us all ride Beetles as mounts.

Okay, I recognize a fellow Iron Sky fan. I bow to your awesomeness!

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Indeed, anything with dark humor makes my day, especially “Look who´s back” (Er ist wieder da).

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Shamans without totems, that was meeeeeeeeaaaaan !! :joy: :joy: :joy:

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This is awesome! Thanks for the laugh.

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