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Easy Mapping

So as Im playing the game coming on as a new player and contributor, I 1st thing notice, not the graphics and other smaller things that can be fixed anytime before the initial release, but I noticed how hard it was to understand getting to point A to point B mixed in with quests and journaling while trying to play the game. Thats alot of confusion for 1 person with or without knowledge of the game or ARPG in general.

Im suggesting that, if your wanting to pick up new players quickly and continue to keep its player base thats already here, please work more on story line or questing. Its really difficult to know where to go next reading the screen in front of you, the in game journal and quests on the right hand corner.


PoE story line is great as well as questing, you can click on the quest on the right hand and it will popup and show the map you need to be on in order to complete the quest given. Diablo 3 has a silent questing line where you cannot click on it, however you can press the map button and while leveling, you can easily tell where you need to go next because the rest of the zones or maps wont unlock until you complete whats in front of you without options but 1. Meaning, for D3 it was easy to pick up, just as much as PoE. Other games follows the same paths as the two that was stated.

I love this game and do want to see it go far just as I made the same suggestion and contribution with not only money, but ideas to help the community and devs to create a great game, especially if I believe it will go far just like PoE did. So I truly believe in this game and its future but please, most of these forum requests and feedbacks are christmas wishes, nothing new from gamers. I too am a gamer but I put myself as a player and developer to deliver what is right for everyone, not just the company. The community is the company.

SO, enough of the speech being sideways, I just believe the questing and understanding the map as well as the timeline thingy. Thanks!! <3

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