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Early Access Development Forecast


Thanks for the forecast and the FAQ, it’s great to know where things are heading, and helps being patient for some features where all we knew before was “its coming someday, maybe next month maybe in 6months”.
Good luck and keep working hard <3


In which phase is the game actually?


This is a forward-looking forecast.

Patch 0.7.2, which will be released later this month, forms part of Phase 1.


I think that this has been inevitable - at least to some extent.

The Bazaar is likely to be one of the features where pre-release testing is the least representative of how things will be long-term. This doesn’t apply to all feedback - criticism regarding the UI, for example - but the economy will work differently when it has substantially more people participating in it, so we’ve been anticipating the need for changes post-release.

Simplicity; giving prospective players one less thing to learn.

We try to make the game intuitive where possible. While whether a ‘prologue’ chapter is counted as being a chapter or not won’t make or break the game’s player comprehension, we think it would be expected, and we don’t see a pressing need to go against that expectation.


Thanks. I suppose you’re right. And it was wishing thinking on my part that we could possibly converge on an optimal solution within early access.

I guess I was just worried that post release, there may be too much inertia (and probably some good reasons not) to change things, that it would be difficult to continue iterating; much like how POE had largely stuck to the same trading infrastructures from 6 years ago. But hearing that you folks are anticipating the need for changes post release is heartening.


I am actually so hyped for these phases to come to Last Epoch, I love you guys.


Every class I want is Phase 4 D= I guess it’ll be one hell of a release!