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Duplication bug post patch


  1. put Shield into window to upgrade
  2. despite showing options, button would not go active
  3. removed shield and re-equipped, Duplicate shield remained in crafting window.
  4. clicked and dragged that one into bags. Checked stats (both identical) duplicate shield
  5. tried to sell duplicate shield to vendor…Item disapeared but no gold recieved.
  6. opened up crafting window again, Same shield there again. Pulled shield into bag, another duplicate (shield never leaves the crafting window).
  7. Exited game hoping to reset crafting window.
  8. Re-entered game. Character will not log in. My HP and mana Bubble shows up at character screen. My hp drops from the item “insanguious” and chat appears (again in the character window) but unable to access my lvl 67 spell blade.
  9. very annoyed.

Steam screen of character UI loaded into Character selection screen (note chat loaded also)

Edit: added screen shot

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Had same happen to me with Iron armor.
Dragging duplicate item from inv to drop on floor seems to delete the item.
Re-logging char seems to be fine after. Original item still exists and affects stats as expected.

A fix for this bug has been included in 0.7.6b, which is out now. Characters affected by this bug will be able to be loaded. Thanks!

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