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Druid Spriggan with Scorpion Build v0.7.10b

A Spriggan Form with Scorpion Companion Build

-Very tanky and easy to play, cleared Monolith and got to wave 165 SSF Ladder as lvl 83 with T12-16 Gear

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@Cujo I’m running this build and trying to gear up, specifically trying to get the belt. I found an exalted 2H Axe that has 14% minion dmg and also T6 minion phys dmg at 193% - the axe is called “Captain’s Primal Axe of Stone” idk if names are unique in this game.

Is this better than 1H / Shield? The 1H I was using has 64% minion phys and 61% minion dmg.


If youre running Monolith or other content besides Arena, and you have no problems surviving, then id say use the 2h axe (both minion damage and minion physical damage affect bleed and their normal attack) so it will provide better damage. Reason i use a shield is for higher arena where i like the added survivability.
Also if you choose to go the 1h road then try aim for a scepter as its the only weapon that can have minion damage/minion physical/minion damage over time at once.

In case you dont know the belt can be gambled, just make sure you gamble for “bronze belt”

EDIT : On second thought im actually not really sure how much more damage the 2h will give, as the 61% minion damage on the 1h also buffs minions (vines) spell damage and the poison from the baby scorpions. Guess it will take a pro number chrusher to figure that one out :grinning: