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Druid Spec and wearbear


trying out poison druid with serpent strike,

-is it worth it to go attunement?
-how does werebear scale with attunement - stat buffs don’t say but says attunement on the skill
-is it good to get %poison damage bonus if it doesn’t pass through werebear?

-also there is a bug that you don’t get the 50 mana back when you exit out of form as per skill

thank you


im thinking it might be better to just go all attunement and do skills that scale with attunement instead for druid?


I’m not sure that is a bug. It’s carefully worded so it says “when you run out of mana”. If you use skills until you actually run out of mana and are forced back into human form it does refund the mana. If you choose to return to human form early it does not. It’s not a design choice I like but perhaps when the tree is in there will be nodes that you get that mana back when you shift by choice.

I did have it fail to return mana once, so there could be a bug there. I wasn’t 100% sure it happened though and that is wasn’t just me bumping the wrong key right as I ran out of mana.

I haven’t done any testing with werebear and poison as they didn’t seem to go together all that well to me. If I’m going to go poison I want to be using serpent strike or getting the poison debuff from swipe.


oh you’re totally right. thank you!


do you know if your vines count as companions? it doesnt count as in you can have multiple vines cast from entangle roots but im just wondering for the passive bonuses for having 1 companion


They should only count as minions, not companions. There have been some bugs they’ve cleaned up recently that had minion/companion issues but I haven’t done any testing with vines yet to check for myself.


Wearbear makes you weaker. That’s it so far. When I use the other skills I specilised in I do a lot more dmg then in wearbear. The Druid tree so far is just a good statstick and with the Swipw node that scales of Atunement there is a nice oppertunity to doubledip dmg bonuses from attributes. Sadly Swipe is so far the best damage skill we have.
Attunement helps a lot with the bear but then again the bear skills themself are lackluster because you can’t specialise and the knockback skill is the worst mess someone can put me in as a melee toon. %poison is nice even if it’s not that great as bear but it’s buffed by the tree a lot. I would’ve been happier if the Druid tree was more about bleeds then poinson but then again we have at least some sort of DoT to work with.
The “When you have one companion only” nodes are strange and I’m almost sure they don’t work or pets declared as companions are no companions at all.


If you want to do poison then serpent Strike is much better then Swipe for that. Also the BM tree is the only one with nodes that enhance poison. Druid is good for a secondary tree for armor and life and whatnot.


This is not necessarily true and depends on your build. BM has +50% chance to poison on melee hit only and +75% poison dmg for yourself and your minions.

If you run a build with just one companion Druid gets +75% to all personal damage, +40% chance to poison on hit with melee or spells for yourself and your minions. Druid also has an 80% damage over time node. Druid also gets automatic access to roots (although this is so low in the tree that BM can easily dip into Druid to get it) which can be specced for an 8 second buff to all damage which provides a 100% boost to both poison and damage over time.

The fact that Druid minions get poison on spell hit bonuses means that you can get more out of thorn totems. Get some combination like the 5 totems at a time, all the poison chance and duration nodes and be getting a whole lot of poison sources.

BM is I’d say an easier Serpent Strike build but Druid can definitely provide some poison benefits if you build for it.


So I toyed arround with attunment and I must say attunment is the way to go when you have enough armor already but you have to take the attunment node in swipe. It gave me a pretty big boost ^^.
On the other side Druid starts to be fun after you took the crit part of the tree at least for the defensives. It’s like facetank the world while using a 2 handed weapon :D. Oh and my gear is crap only a badly crafted weapon and everything else is pretty bad.
Looks like Druid is kind of a late bloomer and on the other hand he is pretty right click heavy :(.


I admit I missed those in the Druid tree. The Druid ones are low enough I believe you can get them even if you go BM at least I know the one companion is so you could possibly go into both trees and get them. I am very excited to see the scorpion tree.

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