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Druid pet build request

Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to the game and I would like to ask if there is a build that fits my preferences.
I have found out that the playstyle I prefer is one with pets and going melee at the same time.

I played a beastmaster up to level 60 with multiple pets and skill swaps. I liked the playstyle but found it to be too squishy.
I also played a Lighning Mage to 60 and several others to 20-30.

The build I am looking for would be something like this:
Tanky Druid-Bear with 4-5 Pets.
The feeling of beeing Tanky and having damage dealing pets sounds great for me.
So. 30-50% dmg from Bear the rest from the pets.

Is it possible to create a build that consists of several wolves and the bear?

What do you think are my options here?

Thanks for reading,

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Are any of these of interest?

Not sure what you did there but beastmaster is everything but squishy. That Mastery has soooo many tools to becoming a facetanking everything melee.

To be honest i don’t have much exp with druid, especially druid mixed with other pets.

All i can say is that all your requirements (except for being a druid) are fitting beastmaster.

Beastmaster is so versatile, you can have 1-4 pets and still doing damage with any attack yourself.

Bear is great for anykind of build and there is an amulet(two different level versions) that allows you to summon multiple wolves, you can combine that with a bear so you can have 1 bear + as much wolves as you have maximum companion(-1 because of bear)

If you are interested in giving Beastamster another chance and can’t figure out to make him tankier just ask again here. Not sure how much outline for a build you want? (just some hints or a complete build?)