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Drowned Visage - Hit box oddity?

Hey… not sure if this is a bug or not yet…

Is anyone else having a problem targetting Drowned Visage mobs?

It seems to be hard to hit them with specific skills. E.g. SpellBlade Firebrand. I find you almost have to click perfectly at their “feet” before hits register.

It also seems like when they float upwards, aoe type attacks like Flame Reave seem to miss them. I have experienced many instances where I will kite around and get a few mobs (including Drowned Visages) together and then drop a crit Flame Reave which wipes out everything with multiple k+ damage with only the Drowned Visage left and its health bar shows no damage. I then attack them individually, but they sometimes take no damage (no dodge etc messages) for a few hits, and then I one shot them like any other mob.

Difficult to describe and be sure about… Maybe someone else has noticed something like this?.

Aside: I never noticed this in the campaign, only noticing it in the MoF runs and yes, I am trying to make sure its not the mof map boosts causing this.