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Drain Life - Dark Shackles - "Cast While Moving" But Awkwardly Halts Movement on Cast

Made a new lich to try out the new skill. The Dark Shackles node says it is no longer channeled and you can cast while moving, which sounds like it implies instant cast and it does cast instantly on click, but when cast while moving it causes the character to twitch awkwardly with no animation and stop momentarily. If I click in one direction and cast in the other it stops movement which is not “cast while moving”, it’s just a cast.

Not sure if intended or no, but it definitely feels awkward.

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Thanks, I’ve brought this up internally and we’ll make sure the tooltip and functionality are consistent with each other.

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Gosh glad I’ve seen this, I was going crazy, I’ve been playing this skill since two days, just after .f patch and thought the game become laggy af - didn’t understand cause we are not playing online
Hope it’s gonna be fix soon, love the skill and the playstyle

It’s intended for this node to have a casting time, it isn’t supposed to be instant. If you’re holding down another ability key when you cast Drain Life, you’re probably cancelling the “settle” portion of the animation which makes it look a bit awkward but allows you to take action sooner.

Hum, maybe its a different problem then, I’m ok with the fact to stop moving to cast, but often it really feel like a lag/freeze where my actions and movements are stopped completely for a micro second, and all direction and movement are locked. And even the mob sometimes stop moving.

I wish I could take a video on this

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