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DoT's and abyssal echo bug

Here is a clip of a bug. It is a paladin bleed build using warpath, i also have some ignite chance and some future strikes(not maxed yet). At first i spin and you can see that everything is normal but then i cast 2 Abyssla echoes(each repeats 5 times) and then time reversal to get my mana back. after that i cast a third echo and you can see al damage numbers just disappear. I stopped spinning and they came back but you can see they are much lower than my normal bleed procs. My guess is that abyssal echo somehow overrites the other bleeds or there is just tooo much debuffs on the enemy, so it all just crashes.

Please help me with this. :frowning: On arena at some point i just stopped dealing damage to mobs because of this.

Confirmed to be sure on a monolith boss, too many stacks of abyssal echoes cause enemy to stop taking damage from other dots or even warpath.

here a video:

Did more testing and confirmed that the issue is the Sequel of Decay passive, The temporal reaving isnt the issue and works fine, but the Sequel OD just makes mob invulnerable if they have more than 4-5 stacks of it(you can see it on the second video). Please fix this :pray: :pray: :pray:

Did some more testings and found another bug, even without sequel of decay. Too many stacks of abyssal echoes make the damage number of your dots disappear. But maybe its just numbers not showing, because when the stacks of abyssal echoes wear off i get full bleeds damage as if i was stacking it all previous time, when the bleed numbers werent popping off.

P.s. the damage numbers from warpath are still showing during that time.

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