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Dont lock Elemental Nova channeling to just lightning

I would really like to be able to channel elemental nova without having to go lightning. Right now i’m going fire/cold, and don’t understand why those couldn’t be channeled too. it would be easy, just move Luminaire and attach it to the top node on the base which just gives extra damage.


There is a passive node to remove the added lightning nova from the nova pool next/connected to the channel node. This enables channelling with any combination of the three elements selected including none of them.

Or they could just move the node to make it element-agnostic, rather than having to put an additional node in to “fix” the potential issue.

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I am not a fan of this. I like it when skills go different routes. With lightning you go with channeling. With fire you go for bigger hits with cool down. With frost… err… don’t know right now. What does the specialisation in frost do?

I like the asymmetry of this skill and how it changes in different ways. Every element has its unique path.

Why is targeting nova locked behind fire nova whith no option to remove fire? Why is ward gain on hit locked behind ice? Base crit, area, shock, and channeling locked behind lightning? To make you chose, to make you sacrifice something for the good! I like the tree the way it is, but I’m also always game for a new tree to play with! Honestly I can’t take sides

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Yeah, I’d probably go with a tree that has relevant nodes coming off the elemental novas, so more fire damage, ignite chance, etc coming off the fire nova & other effects coming off an agnostic branch. That would give the player more choice as to what type of nova they went with.

I guess it depends on whether the goal is to create as much flexibility and choice in builds as possible or to limit choice to make the players make build decisions that feel meaningful. Diablo 2 and Path of Exile are the two extremes of this. I like that LE tries to strike a balance with this.

I’d prefer to have elemental based nodes, that do stun, freeze, slow, ignite, etc all be under the elemental paths, but element agnostic nodes, like crit, channeling to have their own path or be off the generic elemental dmg node. That way, taking a specific element feels more special, but you aren’t limited in how you use it. And don’t have to waste points pathing through an element you will not use.

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Every node works at 100% effectiveness with any type of Nova apart from Elemental Tranquillity which has effect based on Nova type used. At lest this is the case based on my testing of the skill.

The current tree drives a really nice build diversity. I do feel adding another ‘transmuter’ type node the Frost Nova area would be great. For example, putting a node behind Spreading Frost called ‘Unseeing Blizzard’ that allows conversion of lesser novas from Spreading Frost and disables Ice Nova would be awesome. This would give the Ice Nova tree a little more character and versatility instead of being primarily defensive.

By that same token, I don’t think we’d be sad to see another transmuter node behind Arcane Projection that disables Fire Nova. I forgot Arcane Projection doesn’t suppress Fire Nova so I couldn’t make a ‘storm’ using lightning nova :-(.

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