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Donator Physical Delivery issue


I tried to post against the order a bunch of times, this error comes up:
“There was an error in the request, please try again or contact us for assistance.”

I can’t see any other avenue for contact, so here goes:

I got a custom charge of £14.43. I can see this is something that has come up a few times in the past. I came from PoE, I have not have custom charges for the T-shirt I get from pretty much every supporter pack they have offered, I’d hope you guys would do the same here?

UK VAT is 20%, that would put the value of the shirt at ~£70(US$90).

Please kindly mark your T-shirts as gifts, assuming they are gifts as thanks for our support of Last Epoch?

It may be worth putting an official reply on this, other threads seem to be hidden in private conversions when this issue is brought to attention.

Many Thanks,

assigned Sarno #2


Hi there,

Unfortunately we are unable to discuss purchase-related issues over our public forum.

Please e-mail about this. Thanks!

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