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Does the bonus damage that Sorcerer gets

increases not the final damage, but the base damage, right? Would be pretty disappointing to be doing thousands of damage and only increase damage for like 20-30.

I would assume its % increased rather than flat added damage since it says increased rather than added.

That said if you’ve already got a couple of hundred % increased damage (including spell damage and whatever elemental types the spell does), an additional 20-40% on top isn’t going to be a massive difference (at that point, the flat added damage would be a lot more effective).

I was thinking on actively increase the mana cost of lightning blast to bump the damage, but if it’s not the base damage, it’s useless. Thank you!

Its probably not a more multiplier if that’s what you were thinking but I’ve never tested it.

It is increased, not more.


That does sound a bit low in terms of buff at the end-game. If you have a total of 1,000% increased damage (a mix of spell, elemental, a specific element, the 4% from int and generic damage) an additional 40% is only an increase of 4%. Compared to the Paladin that get up to 100% increased.

Indeed! And I feel some classes have really nice and defining abilities (like void knight, forge knight, etc) while others, don’t. But I imagine they will fix this as time passes by.

Only if they know that people think it’s an issue.

That mana buff is not insignificant either. It’s something that we will look at for sure.

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