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Does it get harder?

So I have played just a little over an hour on last epoch and I am intrigued, game looks fairly good (not like grim dawn but not bad) and the character building is interesting.

However I don’t do well when there is 0 challenge to a game. I level up and get a skill point and I feel like why bother using it? Im slaughtering everything anyway…

I am still very early into the game does it get more difficult?

In short, yes.

Story content is meh. After you finished it and try monolith a lot will change and pushing for high arena waves is another beat. Story is far to easy and mindnumbing so far because in most cases you outscale the map level by a lot. In some runs where i looked into every corner there where times when I was 15+ levels ahead of the map level.
As soon as you start high stacked monoliths things will get better.

First and foremost, welcome to the LE Community.

The Story has a Pretty small difficulty increase.

As soon as you finished the Story and getting higher Level 40-ish, 50-ish, 60-ish the scaling really kicks in, where you activly have to dodge telegraphed abilities, otherwise gettigng stunned or one-shotted very easily if you are not invested in majopr defensives.

Most of the Story Maps are fixed mob Levels and depending on how much you clear of the map, it might be the case that you outlevel the map(if you press tab you see enemy mob Level in the upper Right Corner)

As soon as you starting one of the twop endgame modes(Monolith of Fate or Arena) thigns starting to get really interesting.

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If you open the map (M), the level of the map is shown top-right

I’ve found that skipping side-areas and not hanging-around to kill every monster means that by Level 12-13 you’re playing “at level” maps - which offered some challenge/risk-of-death

Obviously you’d have to keep skipping through to keep that going - also bear-in-mind that zoning out and then back into an area respawns monsters which means more XP which means easier level ahead etc.

Just bought the game yesterday, i am lvl 14 and i have lot of fun.
REgarding the story, as far as i understand if i do every quest and every corner of the map there is a chance i will be overpowered quickly right ?

But there is no different difficulties mode for the campaign ?
If no, it mean i should beat the campaign as quick as possible right ? and then what is the endgame available for now ? (real question no troll, cause i really like the game so far !)

First and foremost, welcome to the LE Community.

Generally speaking, yes you will get alot “stronger/higher Level” then the Mobs you are facing, when you clear almost every Corner of the map, because mob kill exp is the majority of the exp you get(quest don’t really give much exp comapred to monster kills)

For the available “endgame” there are currently 2 different game modes available.

Monolith of Fate which is basically a endless chain of generated missions(kill the boss, kill all fire pillars, cleanse the forge etc.) with different modifiers(you can always pick and choose between 2 different modifiers that effect the enemies) e.g. enemies do more XY Type dmg, enemies all have an increased chance to dodge etc.

The further you chain this areas the longer those modifiers last, at first they are just for one run and then they start to last for 2, 3 or more runs and you have to choose a new modifier after every run so they modifiers start to overlap so you have multiple modifiers active at once.
Later down the line the modifiers get stronger also.
You dont have to make the chains in one session, each current lvl of Progress i saved on the character but if you die you start form 0.

Then you have a endless Arena Survival mode, every 5 waves you get a bunch of loot and can choose to get an endreward or contine 5 more waves, if you die you don’t get any endreward.
To enter the Arena you Need an Arena key, which Drops from the Monolith of Fate Content.(Every 5 Areas in MoF mode guaranteed)

That’s said, both of those endgame modes are scaled, so you cant outlevel them and they will always be appropiate for you character depending on how far you are going to go.

Damn thanks for your detailed explanation, the Monolith of Fate seems more engagin than the other one, but it’s just an impression !

I will then try to finish the campaign asap to find back some challenge on the endgame content :slight_smile:

Anyway i really liked the game for the few hours i played :slight_smile:
Can’t wait to have more content and maybe the ability to choose a difficulty lvl for the campaign, or maybe an autoscal on the campaign maps ?

There’s always Masochist mode if you’re looking for challenge. It’s an option you select when you create your character.

All I’m hearing is that we need to crank up the difficulty haha :smile:

In all seriousness, this is very good feedback and we will be altering the difficulty and leveling curves as the game evolves.

I find the biggest thing would be increasing the scaling of the areas for early game. I frequently find myself several levels above the area’s level just by clearing each map once, for example I find myself in my late 30s to 40s by the end of the Immortal era arc. There’s probably more that could be done on an enemy design standpoint but that’s a whole can of worms.

Yea, we’ve got some tools to affect these. The early levels in particular haven’t had a big change to difficulty in a while. It might be as simple as reducing the xp you gain from things. We do some balance passes almost every patch and we are hesitant to do really big changes all at once but we’re working on it. We recently just made a few changes to how enemy scaling works so that we can alter these things a lot easier.

Thanks for your answers.
I played a little more yesterday night, and to make sure I am not to high in lvl compared to the map lvl, I have rushed 1 or 2 maps and now my char lvl is close to the map lvl.
And it make the things more interesting especially as it’s my first run!

I really like your game BTW! Even if I am sure that I am messing up my sorcerer build :smile:


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