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Does heal effectiveness affect health on hit/kill/block


Tinkering with a healing effectiveness + judgement paladin,
was wondering if the following affixes are affected by healing effectiveness stat

Health on Melee Hit
Health on Kill
Health Gained on Block

Appreciate any info if someone else has tested this before.
From my testing, it is not affected.

no they don’t.
I just tested it for Health on Melee Hit to be 100% sure (unique “titan heart”).

same holds for Health regeneration which is scaled by Increased Health Regeneration but not Healing effectiveness (which only scales things that say “heal”).

Also note that if a minion can heal it is usually not scaled by “Healing effectiveness” but instead by “minion Healing effectiveness”.


Healing effectiveness is for healing only, not for health leech, not for health on hit or block nor health regeneration. You need to actively heal with a healing skill to make this stat work.

Thank you for the help fellas!