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Does all "on hit" effects work with spells?

such as chance to bleed on hit, life steal on hit, critical strike chance on hit? chance to shock on hit, etc etc. `does all that works with spells? like lightning blast for example?

yep, if it says “on hit” it works with anything that hits… there are more specific affixes and skill nodes that usually offer higher values (like “on hit with spells” or “on hit with melee attacks”) but if it doesn’t specify it’s for everything.

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The only time it won’t is if the spell has the DoT tag, like Disintegrate, Black Hole, Drain Life, Hungering Souls, Aura of Decay, Maelstrom, Tornado and Entangling Roots. Abyssal Echoes does have the DoT tag but it does hit, since the DoT tag relates to the ailment that it applies on hit.

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Hungering souls does hit though. Only the possesion is a dot

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thanks great answers guys, last epoch has the best community ever so far :smiley: