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I was thinking it might be cool if this class had passives to boost dodge rating. Dodge could be this class’s form of survivability. The only thing to worry about is when don’t dodge a hit. What do you guys think?

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I’m thinking the melee / trap versions will most likely have a lot of dodge mechanics…and they have the glancing blow / crit avoidance system in place that makes up for a non-dodge very well.

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Yeah, except glancing blow/crit avoidance are pretty much standard on all builds (even ward builds where you don’t really go deep with protections) so that’s still leaving dodge builds that don’t have lots of protections a bit stuffed (compared to ward/dodge builds).

IMO, the Rogue could do with a unique defensive mechanic whereby a non-dodged hit does reduced damage (ironically, this would probably be called a glancing blow).

Or you could change the dodge mechanic (with a passive node) such that it converts a dodged hit to a reduced damage hit (PoE has a similar passive) with passives that either reduce the damage taken on a dodge or reduce the damage taken on a non-dodge.

A dodge-focussed build would also need ways to mitigate DoTs, as they can’t be blocked or dodged.

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I really liked the implementation of defense/defelct/dodge in the game Marvel Heroes.

basically what they did, was giving the other forms of defense that dont straight up reduce your damage like deflect(chance to get 50% dmg and dodge (chance to completly avoid damage) a little bit of flat damage reduction [without correct numbers]:

100 defense = 10% damage reductuon
100 defelct = 10% chance to get 50% damage + 4% damage reduction
100 dodge = 5% chance to dodge + 2% damage reduction
I don’t have the exact numbers and formular in my head, but i hope you get the idea

With that kind of implementation, deflect and dodge were a little bit weaker than in most other games, but still gave a considerble amount of %damage reduction, which lead to less “spikey” damage.

Not sure if LE could try something like this overall or JUST give the rogue a mechanic where some of the dodge rating get converted into %damage reduction.


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