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Do Blood Golem + Charged Bones work together?

I have Blood Golem and am putting points into Charged Bones for base fire damage, but I’m not convinced it’s working - because it doesn’t feel like the golem is getting stronger. Anyone know if the points into Charged Bones are actually working?



It does seem to work but you will need to re-summon your Golem after putting the points in.

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wow, needing to resummon is totally unexpected and bad, ty.

Minion stats are snapshot at the time the minion is summoned.

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Can u cheat by putting minion stat gear, summon, then change gear back?

That is not cheating, that is snapshotting… yes that works totally.

Forge Guard is probably the class that can utilize this the very best

If we had a quick weapon swap this would totaly be a thing for many classes but without it thats really a lot of stress to do if you dont have summons that last for hours.

Boss/Rare at 25%, weaponswap - The Last Laugh - macro anyone? :grin:

As long as you do the hit to cull the boss, yes.