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Divine essence - Divine intervention


Hi all.

I feel these two nodes divine essence and divine intervention are very underpowered.
Its very difficult to have 3 stacks of them for more than 1-2 sec and the possibility to revive you its very low.
Also I dont see any significant increase in damage even with 2-3 stacks of them. Maybe im doing something wrong im not sure.



You have to make some non-trivial build choices in order to increase the chance of divine essence triggering.
I use following combos:

  • Faithful (5/5) + Holy Nova + Shield Crafting (7-10)
  • Divine Bolt + Shared Divinity (3-4) + Piety + Shield Crafting (7-10)

The idea is to increase amount of heals by providing more targets (manifested shields).
Though Divine Bolt only goes off of melee hits, even caster/thrower can proc Divine Bolt fairly often using Counter Attack or Lunge (they are AoE attacks and can do a lot of hits if they go off in a big crowd).

Divine Essence only gives 10% increased damage (and it seems to be bugged in the sense it only gives melee damage). This “increased damage” is an additive parameter, that most builds have 500-800% of, so another 10% only adds like 2% actual increase (10%/500%).

10% chance to revive seems to be a common theme, Necromancer also has 10% chance to revive node for example.


I’m doing some work on these nodes right now. I saw your other post about them only giving melee damage which I’ve fixed. I might increase their duration I think. Seems like the best way to make it useful without being over powered. Keep us updated on how it feels though as we’ll keep working on it.

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