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Disintegrate: Tendrils + Lightning Blast: Cloud Answer bug (video)

The Tendrils node for Disintegrate says, “You have a (100%) chance each second to cast Lightning Blast at a nearby enemy…” And the Cloud Answer node for Lightning Blast says, “Lightning Blast hits have a (100%) chance to strike the area they hit with Lightning.”

At the 0:02 mark, a group of 3 Dune Wraiths approach and you can see them get struck by a Lightning Blast and the Cloud Answer Lightning bolts striking down from above.

At the 0:08 mark, a single Dune Wraith approaches and is struck by the Lightning Blast but the Cloud Answer bolt only targets the player character’s feet!

I also have 3 points in the Chain Lightning node for Lightning Blast. As far as I can tell, the 1st enemy hit by Lightning Blast incorrectly targets the player instead for the Cloud Answer bolt. Subsequent enemies chained to do not have this issue. It was difficult to try to capture the behavior when there are 2 enemies not grouped up, but what happens is the player and the farther away enemy get bolted, but the nearby enemy does not.

This bug does not occur when manually casting Lightning Blast, nor does it occur when Lightning Blast is triggered by the Unlimited Power node on Static. I was unable to determine if it occurs with Arcane Ascendance: Superconductor.

This is a known bug, thanks for the report and video!

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