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Devil’s advocate on GB, CSA, and health leech

My tester side wants to tell you that glancing blows and health leech are over powered and or required in end game builds but let me just say this. And I say this knowing other games don’t have these skills precisely because they are so powerful.

I love them all!

I love all the math behind glancing blows and crit avoidance . I love knowing that I know just how powerful those affixes are and how having 90% of either is a waste.

I also love health leech. It is freaking fun as hell having leech and yo-yoing from low health to max on high level arenas.

My hope is that you buck the trend and keep them in game but at a diminished power. I still think setting GB up like crit avoidance where it only takes 3 slots to achieve 100% but at a lower value would be cool. Same with leech. I tell you that it is op and needs to be removed and or reduced …but man is it fun.

I say this as a player having fun with your game and not a tester who knows that they are just too powerful in their current state.

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