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Detail information regarding upgrade packs for all generations from kickstarter to release

Ok so in this game, I have noticed that there are more, and more generations of supporter packs, ranging from kickstarter time, alpha time, and now beta time. Where is all the information on the packs you bought previously, and can you upgrade different game generations of packs before release? For example, lets say you are ancient champion and you want to upgrade to “centurion” do you keep all your ancient champion perks, and gain the additional centurion ones, or do you lose your ancient champion perks, and title, and are just upgraded to ardent centurion, and THATS that?

Right now, I think the way to tell is through your forum account info and looking at the badges. I don’t think they have an account transaction summary like they do in POE yet.

You can upgrade the current series of packs that is active, ie the beta Ardent series. But the Kickstarter and the alpha ancient series are no longer available. This is similar to the way POE handles their support packs.

I am not 100% sure about their pack upgrade policy because they’ve allowed for some cross Kickstarter - Alpha/beta pack upgrades. But I suspect these are one-off cases pre release. I believe they are likely to follow POE’s upgrade model in future, ie packs will only be upgradable in the existing series. So in your case, if you want to buy an ardent centurion it would be a fresh purchase. And of course you keep all the ancient champion perks you bought forever. But best for @Sarno or email support to get definitive answer for this.

As noted by @Jerle (thanks for the ping, btw!), you can only upgrade to packs in the same series as the one you are upgrading from, and the packs have to still be available in our store. As a result, it wouldn’t be possible to upgrade from an Ancient Champion pack.

Our support article regarding upgrades can be found here. If you have any questions regarding our policy, feel free to either post here or reach out to us through our support site.

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