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Death message in Arena, but survived and able to continue

Just had an odd experience in the Arena.

I took a bunch of shrapnel to the face just as I was teleporting out of the way of the projectiles, and the death message popped up. “Ah well, that’s that,” I thought, and clicked the Respawn button.

However, instead of respawning, the death message just went away and I was able to continue the arena run as normal. The “death” occurred just exactly as I would have teleported - I’m guessing there was some desync-type issue where I just barely avoided dying, but didn’t avoid the death message popping up for some reason.

I didn’t think to take a screenshot of the death message as I didn’t realize I was still alive until it was gone, sorry.

Log file attached (game is still open and arena run still going). output_log.txt (1.6 MB)

Thank you for the report!

Could you please give us some insight into your build? Screenshots of your class passives in particular could be very useful. I would be especially interested in whether your character has a death avoidance passive, such as the Necromancer’s ‘Effigies’ passive.

I’ll get you full screenshots when I get home from work in ~6 hours.

For the tl;dr preview before I have access to the game, I’m playing a Lich focused on summoning a whole bunch of minions and then sacrificing them all at once (via chaining Sacrifice triggered by Transplant with the node that lets you target and Sacrifice minions) for damage, ward and more minions.

I don’t have Effigies or any other passives that are explicitly for death avoidance. However, I do have a bunch of leech, gain-on-hit, and ward-gain stuff that was getting triggered at the exact moment of my death. I would believe that I might have been hitting 0 life but also gaining a bunch of life/ward within the same game tick or something like that.

I’ll post screens of my full build when I get home.

Imgur album of inventory, passives, and skill specializations.

The thing I was doing right at the moment of “death” was Transplanting out of the path of a bunch of projectiles, into a mixed group of my minions and enemies (which would, in turn, have procced chaining Sacrifices of my minions, giving me ward and health via Death Rattle, as well as proccing chaining Rip Blood and giving me a bunch of leech).

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