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Data/Progression Wipe Beta

Good morning 11th hour. Loving the game so far.

When does Beta expect to end and more importantly when is the last data wipe?

Eta is Apr 2020. And if that happens, that will probably also be when the wipe happens.

wow that is a quick response. how did u get the banners under ur name =)

Those are supporter badges.

There’s currently a bug preventing the Ardent Gladiator supporter badge being shown for those who bought through Steam. We should have this resolved in the near future.

Thanks Sarno.

Will there be any wipes between now and the estimated 2020 release date?

The intention is not to perform regular wipes.

I can’t rule out them occasionally being required due to changes under the hood. Also, it will never be possible to bring offline-only characters online - so some people may consider the initial availability of multiplayer to be a wipe of sorts.

Will have to wait to see what Sarno says, but I doubt they’ll bother with an offline wipe. There would be no point since offline affects no one but you. Once MP comes out, I suspect there will be at least one wipe prior to release, but that’s just me theorizing. Either that, or they’ll go the temporary league + standard route.

Can you clarify something: Will beta data be wiped before release or do you have nothing planned (but can’t rule it out either)?

That is the plan, yes.

Sarno, I think I read somewhere that you stated that when Multiplayer goes live, we won’t be able to take our current characters to online play, can you confirm this?

That’s correct.

No offline-only character will ever be able to go online.

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so can i ask this; would there be any network requirement if we made a offline only character…say for a quick fix at the office??

We don’t plan on you needing to log in every time or anything like that.

I’m not sure whether you may need to activate the game once or something like that. I haven’t been able to attend every meeting on the subject so there’s gaps in my knowledge there.

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