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Dance of Blood node targets too many enemies with Rip Blood when they are in range of departure point

The Dance of Blood node for Transplant is supposed to target one enemy per point (max 3) with Rip Blood. However, it seems to be targeting too many enemies under some circumstances:

I have the Rip Spirit and Eviscerate nodes, making enemies targeted by Rip Blood easy to spot (each of those blue-white circles is the blood spatter from an enemy being hit by my Rip Blood). I count 7 enemies being hit in the above image.

I don’t have the Blood Catalyst node (the one that makes Rip Blood chain when it kills).

This seems to only occur when there are enemies in range of your departure point when you cast Rip Blood. If there are only enemies at the location you target with the skill, it doesn’t seem to target as many enemies (I’m unsure if it targets the correct number in these circumstances, but Transplanting into a pack doesn’t seem to result in these obvious cases of too many targets).

Here are my Transplant and Rip Blood trees:

h/t ChJees on the Discord for noticing this bug. Sorry if it breaks your build when this gets fixed :\

Thanks for the report!

A fix for this issue will be included in Patch 0.7.4.

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