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Damage Types Required for DoTs?

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but I read the Unintuitive Mechanics guide on the Last Epoch subreddit and I’m still a little confused.

Do I actually need to deal damage of a specific type in order to inflict its corresponding ailment? For example, my use case is playing a Paladin that focuses on ignite stacking. I’m currently using a weapon with a little bit of added fire damage but I’m wondering if I can replace that with a pure physical damage weapon and still get the same damage from my ignites.

And if I do need to deal fire damage with my attacks to inflict ignite, how does it scale? The Unintuitive Mechanics guide says ignite has a base damage of 40, but does that scale with fire damage from my melee attacks?

I’m not 100% on this, but here’s what my take on that is:
I don’t think you Need to do fire damage in order to ignite, as Long as you use a skill with ignite Chance you will ignite enemies. (About the Details I don’t know either, see last Paragraph)
Since Poison doesn’t have an according direct damage type, that shouldn’t matter.

I don’t think flat damage from your attacks scale ignite, but if I recall correctly ignite also scales with General +fire damage%, as well as +ignite% and +DoT%.
So if your weapon does +10-40 fire damage to melee attacks, that won’t matter for your ignite damage. But when you have +100% fire damage, not only will your fire attacks do more damage, but the ignite DoTs as well.

One Thing I was wondering myself: Do I Need to use an attack/spell with an inherent Chance to ignite/poison/chill in order to apply them? Or is it enough when I wear an Item that gives me +50% Chance to Poison on Hit? Would my fireballs for example then poison with 50% Chance? Or would I Need to use an attack/spell that poisons, and the Chance of this skill to poison is increased by 50%?

You don’t need to deal any fire damage to ignite. As long as you have some global for example x% chance to ignite on your weapon all hits you do have that chance to ignite. You can see your global chance on the third tab of your character screen. may be of interest for further reading.


Wait… so Tornado does not “hit” in Terms of “on hit” Chance, because it is a DoT itself?
And what about the lightning strikes that the Tornado can cast when skilled, are those “hits”, that Count as “my hits”?
Because I went towards high shock Chance on hit, thinking that each Tornado tick would actually be a hit. If at least the lightning strikes are considered hits that would still work out, but if not then Tornado is pretty useless for on-hit triggers which reduces the number of Long-range spells a caster Primalist has to Zero. :thinking:

This is where it gets tricky. Based on the wording it looks like tornado has both a hit and a dot component, but it’s not super clear.

I’m a few passives away from being able to pick it up, once I’ve tried out some testing I’ll let you know!

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Ok, did some rudimentary testing and it appears that Tornado does not hit :frowning:

Aw man. I hope I’ll have time to do a quick test with the lightning strike nodes.
If tornado doesn’t hit and thus leech presumably doesn’t work with it, I can scrap my tornado shaman for now.

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Ahh, so that’s another thing about last epoch - technically your dots can leech, but only if the source of your leech doesn’t specify on HIT.

The leech affix on gloves and amulets specifies hit, but the lightning spell leech should leech from any lightning spell damage, even dots!

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