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# Damage Reflected on Mono

Any clarification on how the +# damage reflected on the monolith works when calculated?

I was running a HC Shatter Strike Spellblade (lvl57) and just deleted myself almost instantly on a small pack of spiders.

Armor-56%, L-58%, C-61%, F-60%, V- 61%, N-57%, P-55%
Block-44%, 1118 prot
Glancing Blow- 196%
Ward Retention: 193%

The Mono had a “reflects 19 damage” mod on it. I popped my Flame Ward (invigorate), teleported for my stat buffs, climbed to my usual 4k Ward, hit Shatter Strike on the pack, then seemingly instantly died. Had no time to react.

So how exactly is it calculated through defenses, or is it just basically meant to be a ‘true’ damage calculation? Because the damage done back to me didn’t seem to be reduced by any of the defenses I had. My “ward on hit” stats alone should have negated that 19 damage reflected.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds pretty much like a bug or it’s maybe 19% instead of 19 points flat. Normaly reflect seems to work like you get hit and reflect xyz dmg vs the according resistences and that’s it.

It very well might be a bug, or a series of them combining. And the damage was displayed as 19 flat reflected.

I have similar experience with the reflect being very damaging. If I ever roll it I have to take things really slow. My best guess is that the reflected damage isn’t mitigates by protections, like you said maybe it’s true damage?

If you had 15 reflect and hit 20 mobs that 300 damage. If that’s not being mitigated you’d kill yourself pretty quick without a good hp pool and leech. Clarification on its behavior would be great.

Side note - more than 100% glancing blow doesn’t do anything for you.

Yeah, it seems like the mitigations aren’t calculated when they’re reflected back to you. I don’t know if this is meant to be that way, or it’s just not been looked at yet. Would definitely like some clarification.

GB: Yeah, I realized that after I rolled it so high. In my logic, I was thinking that the GB would have a chance to roll twice. Glancing blow the glancing blow, if that makes sense.

Which would be awesome.

It’d be fun until the devs have to balance/tune monster damage to expect people to have 75% damage reduction on top of resistances instead of only 50% :stuck_out_tongue:

True. Though there is the opportunity cost of what you’re giving up to get that many glancing blow mods.

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