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Customizing How LMB Behaves

Our upcoming update, Patch 0.7.6, focuses on improving quality of life and addressing feedback. Something we hadn’t been ready to commit to being included in 0.7.6 at the time of the Patch Preview thread being posted was a change to the left mouse button (“LMB”).

Currently, the LMB is used exclusively for movement so that characters will always respond intuitively to user input. We believe that this is a good choice to have for default behaviour. In Patch 0.7.6, we are implementing two alternative behaviours for the LMB.

The options which will be available are;

  • Move Only
  • Move or Break Destructible
  • Move or Attack

The tooltips for each of the available options.

Each of the options available has its own skill art, so it is always clear which behaviour the LMB is currently using. The specific art being used in Patch 0.7.6 may be revised in future.

To use a different behaviour, just click on the slot in the action bar.

Thank you for the feedback we have received from you regarding LMB’s behaviour - and please do let us know both what you think of the two options we have chosen to add, and how they feel after the patch is released and you’ve had a chance to test them.


I feel like this is a half-measure: Move-and-attack should also have an option to allow for a generic, unflavored swing of your weapon for popping crates and other minor nuisances. Not every build wants to waste their right-click slot on a swat.

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The ‘Move or Break Destructible’ option should fit that use case.


This is great! Nice to have options. I personally will likely keep it as move only unless you make it a sixth skill slot but that’s a different animal altogether. I’ve gotten used to that being move only. But I will try out the others and see how they feel. Maybe I will like one of the other options better.

Good QoL.

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It’s something we’ve discussed. :slight_smile:

The concern is that we want people to go with whichever is their preference. If some options grant the character more power or utility, they may be considered mandatory.

I’ve always used LMB for move only. But this should satisfy those who wants LMB to attack.

I’m a little confused… Is Option #3 pretty much the same as what we have on RMB now (provided you tick that option in the settings menu)?

Option 3 is move and attack. Attack part is new it allows you to not use a skill just thw default attack same as when you started the game

Just curious about why 5 skills or 6 skills always seems to be the number allowed in the genre. Why not have a global skill bar where every skill you habe learned amd unlocked can be on it and leveled up and you just have to be better at remember what button to hit whem. Jist am example there are times in a fight wherw I would want to change out the bear or scorpion for the raptor single target dps. But right now we cant level that many skills on the beastmaster. I know there are times as a paladin doing warpath I chose all instant cast so i dont have to come out of channeling but when all thw mobs are dead and you can and you really wish you had devouring orb you dont cause your safer with all the instant cast when the mobs do arrive. Obviously this would be to hardcore and complex for some people but an option to do it would be nice :slight_smile:

Idea is, in ARPG games, your skill load out is important and you have to make some hard choices. But it was never issue before, because previous ARPGs games player had to spend some points to unlock skills or skills were tied to gear. (in PoE via gem slots or in game like Warhammer Martyr gear provided you skills)

Diablo 3 however removed progression, so if you would have unlimited slots, you could use every big cooldown buffs, movement skills or summons in every build…and you would, because it makes sense. Even in Diablo 2 people were going around skill limits by using items with charges or which were granting you some skills. So you used different warcries and buffs from certain items and then proceed to use your regular gear.

LE is quite unique here. You have certain skills semi-locked behind mastery levels, most of your skills are just unlocked by simple levels. While it’s true you can level up only 5 skills, if you would play Acolyte, why you would not use your summons? Or curses even without leveling these skills up?

I am all for having more skill slots and letting players use even non-leveled up skills in some fashion, but they would have to make skills not automatically unlockable. You want more skills? You have to make some trade-off. Maybe each skill above 5, max levels of your skills would be lowered by 1? Something like that.

So that’s a very interesting choice. But…
I got used to break destructibles with skills. Just like others I was “WTF! Why does my char not move to the crate and break it?! Why do I have to waste a skill?!” at the beginning. But on the other hand why should I waste my time clicking 5 times in a row to break 5 crates when I can break all together with a single skill (every character has an aoe skill for this). And even as necro without any active damage skill I can command my minions to break the crates by simply pressing “a”. It is fucking nice when 30 minions start attacking crates with all their special abilities.

I won’t use the new options. For me it is more important to always be 100% sure my char only moves and doesn’t accidentally attack an enemy or a crates that blocks the escape route.

This isn’t correct.

Option 1 is Move Only. This will only ever move your character.

Option 2 is Move or Break Destructible. This will move your character, unless the mouse cursor is over a barrel or similar item, in which case you will perform a basic attack against it.

Option 3 is Move or Attack. This will move your character, unless the mouse cursor is over an enemy, in which case you will use skill #5 (RMB, by default) against them. This is simplifying it somewhat; the tooltip for this goes into greater detail and can be found in the first post.


They will definitely perform similarly.

Outside of summoners who’ll likely be using Move or Break Destructible, many of the people requesting this were citing a preference to be able to use a single button for their main attack skill and movement. If you’re using RMB and have that option enabled, it relies on you being able to mouse over targets - and so, if there are none, it won’t be very effective.

This is the initial implementation of making LMB customizable, and we’ll definitely be tracking feedback and discussing changes to it which we can implement in future patches. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ops my bad. Well i was half right. Skill #5 is a default attack untill around lvl 10 haha, but thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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Does insomnia count? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Your very active today sarno, any particuliar reason ?!?! hype hype hype

insomnia could explain it, but id rather there be a different reason :stuck_out_tongue:

T minus 5 hours?
and you responded to my post i tagged myself in instead of you before i could even delete. You are on top of it today. To many cups of coffee for sure.

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I would really love to see a “move or pet attack” as a bind option to LMB. Moving and constantly tapping A to keep your pets ahead of you is pretty tedious. I’m glad you’re looking at new options for us though, and I like the ones you’ve shown!


Nice one :woozy_face: