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Customizeable damage meters in character stats


Currently the character stats have a set of select damage types, like “spell damage” or “melee damage”. But there are 2 problems:

  1. bonuses from stats are not included.
  2. relevant damage is usually more specific, like “physical spell damage” or “melee fire damage”.

What I usually have to resort to, is to take a hand-held calculator, find differences between “increased damage” and “spell damage”, to get the spell/melee part, same for element, combine them, then add bonus from relevant stat(s).

I propose to add one or two customizeable meters, where a player can select via checkboxes/radiobuttons any desireable combination of damage bonuses, like “attunement-based, physical, spell, damage”.
Same should go for minion damage.

(Ideally, every skill in the game should show it’s base/added damage, like “13 base physical, 10 lightning added”, and for every part, there should be tooltips with increased/more modifiers shown. But that’s probably a lot of work.)


I agree totally :slight_smile:

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