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Current bug on 0.75c

  1. In the ‘Shaman’ passive tree, the node ‘Storm Shaker’ describing as ‘you and your minion deal 10 ADDITIONAL lightning damage with spell’, is actually ‘INCREASE 10 (1000%) lightning damage with spell’.
  2. In the ‘Paladin’ passive tree, the node ‘Shield Will’ describing as ‘100% less dodge rating / +12% BLOCK CHANCE’, is actually ‘100% less dodge rating / +20% BLOCK CHANCE’.
  3. The affix ‘Hybrid Health Leech’ tier 3, has an obviously larger roll range on ‘Increased Health leech’ which is ‘70% to 20%’ :rofl: .The tier 5 roll range is only ‘24% to 30%’.

Thanks, I’ve fixed #2 and #3. I can’t reproduce #1, it seems to be adding flat damage as described. Where are you seeing that it grants a lot of increased damage instead?

I used the ring ‘The Invoker’s Static Touch’ which has ‘+13 spell lightning damage’ to test, with the spell ‘Thorn Burst’.
As all the other stats stay the same, ‘Thorn Burst’ dealt around 130 damage per hit with the ring OFF, around 350 damage per hit with the ring ON.

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