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Current bug on 0.75c (second wave)

  1. Some Unique Affix on Unique items can’t show it’s roll range by alt+ctrl.
    Take ‘Tome of Elements’ as example, the second affix ‘+XX% chance to chill, shock, and ignite on hit with elemental skills’, I’ve found 3 items with different roll on this affix.

(I’m NOT SURE if the following 2 tips are bugs or designed.)
2. In the Desert Arena, the LE program runs obviously slower than the other 2 Arenas. I can hardly use skills, and this was not happening on 0.74.
3. The Rare monster ‘Osprix Vanguard’'s skill ‘Holy Fire Nova’ has incredibly high damage. My level 100 Paladin has more than 100% Glancing Blow Chance and over 2700 health point, and the ‘Holy Fire Nova’ just made me perished in one shot. That means ‘Holy Fire Nova’ deals more than 5400 points of damage. I don’t think any character can take that. :rofl:


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