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Critical Strike Chance - Clarification?

I would appreciate if someone could assist me in establishing if the critical chance shards I have equipped are bugged or working as intended.

Let me explain where this inquiry is coming from.

  1. Characters would seem to have a basic 5% critical strike chance.
  2. I have one character that has 2 critical chance strike shards equipped on items, one of 20% and another of 25%. This gives that character a critical strike chance shown of 7% (5+ 1+ 1.25, rounded down).
  3. I have another character that as a spear equipped that grants Melee Critical Chance Strike of 4%, and that character shows a critical strike chance of 9%.

My question is, are the Critical Chance Shards are working as intended by giving a percentile increase of the base figure, or are they bugged and should be working as per the other example of the spear (3)?

I am aware that whilst melee has its own specific critical strike chance shard, spells and thrown items do not, but this game is in early access so would like to be sure.

Many thanks. :grinning:

  1. Base character crit is 5% yes.

  2. I’m not entirely sure if I get this one. What type of crit are we talking about here? Global crit, spell or melee crit? If you add the 2% base crit chance plus the 45% increased, that should be 10% chance to crit.

  3. Yea that makes perfect sense. Since it is adding the 4% base crit on top of the 5%, without any modifiers.

I haven’t heard about these being bugged.

Some are increased critical chance and some are added critical chance. For the first one it works as a multiplier of your total crit chance (all increased crit chance are additive together) so let’s say you have in total 100% increased critical chance you would reach 5% + 5%x100% = 10% crit chance. 4% added crit chance would just make 5% + 4% = 9% crit chance.
If you combine both : (5%+4%) + (5%+4%)x100% = 18% crit chance

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Thank you both for your replies.

‘Reimerharts’ As of the time of writing this, according to the Gamepedia Wiki there is no ‘spell crit’. Also given that both of the above posts indicate that there are 2 different mechanisms for calculating critical strike chance, then I will assume that they are working as intended.

‘Baltax’ Again thank you, as you also indicate the critical strike chance is a 'percentage of a percentage, i.e. 20% of 5% will produce a final value of 6%. Melee Critical Strike is an ‘added’ value, i.e. 5% with an additional 10% gives a final value of 15%.

I will look into expanding ‘the wiki’ to clarify this aspect of the game. :grinning:

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You’re welcome.

Yes the wiki is behind, and the guy who has worked on it a lot is in the military for a bit longer. We will soon see him again.

Yup, that is exactly it :slight_smile:

You are welcome to do so, as it is open to add new stuff. Thanks for contributing! If you got further questions, or while you’re expanding the wiki, feel free to ask.

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