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Critical Multiplier and math

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’am bad at math. I think of myself as a very good “feel” player, but when it comes down to math I’am not the smartest, so here’s a question :

At what point does crit multiplier became better than damage multiplier ? Is there an easy way to math it out ? A crit % or Increased X damage % breakpoint ? Can someone dumb it down so a litterature major could understand it (if so, in advance, thanks a lot !) ?

Ortie, the-attuned-but-not-so-bright-paladin.

Ok, create a spreadsheet with the following.

  • your total % increased
  • your total attributes that increase your damage
  • your crit chance
  • your crit multi (200% = 2x damage, not 3x)

The add in your choice of either % increased or % crit multi.

10% crit multi is equivalent to (10% / 2 * crit chance) of “increased” damage.

Your next point of “increased” damage is an increase of (sum of % increased + 1%) / (sum of % increased). So if you have 500% increased already, an additional 10% increased would give you (500% + 10%) / 500% = 2% higher damage.

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I will give it a shot:

Let’s say you have 100% Crit chance, then Crit multi will always do double - triple - whatever dmg on top.

The more chance you have, the more the multi does more dmg on average.

If you have 40% Crit chance, a 200% Crit multi will multiply dmg by 40% on average. That means, every 2,5th hit will Crit for 200% (which is 100% more dmg) , so the average is 40% increase. (100*0.4).

I assume dmg multiplier gets multiplied by Crit multi again. So they both scale each other quite well.

I would therefor calculate my average multiplier by Crit and see how much it gives me effectively.

I would say dmg multiplier is always better unless you have tons of Crit chance for your dmg dealing skill. :o

Also, you can invest in different things when going without the Crit multi, so that needs to be in one’s mind too I guess (e.g. Affixes/nodes for Crit chance you don’t need to invest into).

Maybe that helps a little haha

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Thanks to both of you.

Just to be sure I understand : at a total of 939% total increased damage, 40% crit and 255% crit multiplier.

Each point of % increased damage is equal to 0.1% ish increased damage.
Each point of % crit multiplier is equal to 0.15% ish increased damage.

Did I messed something up ?

I had the feeling crit multiplier on items/blessing was never worth it, considering the values are always so low VS the increased damage % :(.

Nope, that’s correct.