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Critical Igniton Spark Breaker 3Kdot V 1.0 (max 5Fps by 10Mobs)



Wave 402 SC Easy ! Just huge FPS drops but still Way for Up!

Hey Community Today my Chat & me started a new Speedrun and Finaly we found a Sorc / Mage Custom Build what is sooo much FUN ! <- ! Trust me :wink: (trololol)

This Build will let you run the Arena Afk One Handed ! (see my stream i dont lie yes One Handed)

Pros to this Build:

Fast Movement (trolol) Cause of Teleport only using

High dps !

High Dots !

High Everything

Not High Fps ! <- Warning ! Cheap pc will Melt


Nothing ! Just

Low Fps !

Stats Page

Mixup with elemental dmg and fire (pure) over 100% ignite chance + Shock + Spark !

Skill trees

Fireshield autocast perm (highest dps) +40% Lightning Boost


Teleport Tripple Nova + Dmg boost

"Ele Nova

Nova Fire & Lightning (+ 100% Spark… Fps Breaker)

Equipment :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

You will need All this Items ! 2x Ring rest Unicq Chest (wayne) rest (wayne) just keep Health + and Weapon (Craft Fire dmg + Elemental Dmg on it ! Highest as Posible)

(rings can be changed late game till you hit perfect firedmg + overtime on rings :wink:

Passives (Not Finished right now !)

Update comes with lvl 90+ !!




How to play

Easy Activate Fireshield … then just teleport (right mouse Button) finish … thats all … you do not even need Anything more and Enjoy the Build :slight_smile:

Cheers & Enjoy the Critical Igniton Spark Breaker 3kDot V 1.0

Greets ThaPuckyman enjoy my Daily Livestreams ::be

Big Thanks to JilReign for Update the Post <3 Looks now Cooler <3

Monolith / Wave Speed Farming Fire Mage

Hmmm intersting concept… self dot to proc fireshield.
Downside being that it requires alot of unique drops.
Personally i think maybe taking blackhole wouldn’t be a bad idea to bundle up the mods for quicker mob clears once you’ve pulled alot of mobs.
Boss kills will be slow, but lots of survivability.


look my stream im streaming the Build Still cheers :slight_smile: will see its funny :wink: and no boss kills not slow look self :stuck_out_tongue: cheers


Still missing Bleeding Heart and Rahyeh’s Light

Rahyeh’s can be replaced i guess… but Bleeding Heart is required to get easy self dots >_>


For the endless “Fireshield & Fireball casts” no its a must have bro :frowning:


You could just manually refresh fire shield though
That’s what i’ve been doing so far while lvl’ing … fairly annoying though as you don’t have a buff duration tracker :frowning:


idk how u apply shock on enemies tbh i cant see any shock chance in this guide ( skill tree , eq )


this is version 1 he got no Shock :slight_smile: V2.0 what i played in the Stream got Shock :slight_smile: cheers


Finally found myself a Bleeding Heart amulet so tried the build.
Arena wave 145 (died because i was typing in chat during arena wave and got 1 shotted)
Rahyeh’s Light is not needed (you can just keep refreshing the fireshield manually).
Mobs melt really fast even wave 100+

I am wondering if the teleport using Elemental Nova counts as having used an eletric skill
If yes, you can get more fire dmge and ignite chance at the top of the Sorceror tree.


you should use the shield 1. endless fireshield you will need it 2. 15% fire dmg +
the build is like it is nearly perfect like it says play with “spark but most with dots Ingnite” Ignite = fire & elemental dmg. electric note just for more area & spark + dmg for all novas actualy not for build lightning nova only build thats other story ^^ cheers actualy im try other nova spec and version 3.0


yeah, the shield is an upgrade (for sure)
… just the bleeping thing refuses to drop for me XD


Don’t worry, the amulet won’t drop for me xD over 100+ unique drops already still no amulet ^^


Second time trying arena with this build (first time i died due to typing in chat)
I reached 276 waves and died due to teleporting to close to a void mob that insta ganked me.
If you don’t do silly things you can easely reach high arena rounds with this build :slight_smile:

It does require alot of kiting once you reach the higher arena rounds, but that is normal.


awsome build

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