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Crit chance for sorceres spells? How does it work

So you can get Crit chance,
Crit chance multiplier and spell Crit chance??? on items, do they all work with sorceres abilities, such as elemental nova etc. or does the one that says spell crit chance only work, i dont get why you would make one that says spell crit chance if the others still work, or do they?

Crit chance works for all skills whether it be throwing spell or melee.
Crit multiplier works for all skills whether it be throwing spell or melee
Spell crit (usually a higher % for same tier on an item) works to increase a spells crit chance. All 3 you listed will help a spell crit or uncrease the damage the spell crit does

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so if you had 20% crit chance and 30% spell crit chance, does it add to give you 50% crit chance on a spell?

Yes. Though the spell crit chance affix has bigger numbers on it so as long as you’re not a hybrid spell/melee build (that would benefit from generic crit), going for the more specialised version is better since it’s easier to 4get more of it per affix slot.

Ok thanks. I did not know this. I thought spell crit just scaled from crit and not additive.

Increased spell crit is just a different, more specific, flavour of crit chance, it functions the same & works off your base spell crit (5% is shown on the character sheet, but it’ll also use any added base crit a specific spell has but this won’t be shown on the character tab).