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Crashing while entering maps

This has happened to several characters and on random maps but until I fully reset computer and use a different character first, the character that was actively crashing will continue to do so when entering whatever map was causing the crash.

In this instance I have a lvl 41 lich and I am trying to go into the map “Immortal Summit”, but this also happened when I was at the maps “Risen lake”, “Sapphire Quarter”, and “Maj’Elka”. I fixed the last few with a complete restart of my computer (tried just the game a number of times and it didn’t help) and then logged into another character and ported to any map. When I go back there is a chance the map will load then and not crash my game.

What’s your pc?

i7 6900k, 64 GB ram, SLI titan X with current release driver (game using card 1 only as far as I can tell), Windows 10 pro, and game is installed on the SSD (65% available space on drive) - I do have a standard HD but its used for data storage mostly , no games on it.

I do play the game on ultra, not sure if that will matter. Exclusive full screen. V sync off, FPS capped at 144FPS (not that I am ever above 110 FPS).

Hi there,

We’ve just released 0.7.8f which includes a fix for crashes on AMD graphics cards. I do recognize that you have a nvidia graphics card, but it may still help.

If you’re still having crashes after the update, please provide the information listed in this support article. Thanks!