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Crashes (858.9 KB)
Could you kindly take a look at why the client keeps crashing? DXDIAG and player log attached.

Are you doing anything before it crashes? Are you using Lightning Blast? Does it crash when you’re in a particular area, or after a particular amount of time? (1.2 MB) (2.8 MB) (3.5 MB) I am experiencing crashes as well. I have attached my log files and crash files. I started a new acolyte and am experiencing the crashes in the armory and nearby zones at the beginning of the game. I get a popup message indicating the game has crashed. Hopefully the logs will help identify/resolve the problems. I also crashed yesterday using the mage but not using lighting blast.

Crashes are random. I was in the imperial dreadnaught area killing stuff with the torch of pontifex the last time the game crashed… Sometimes the crashes start a minute into the game, sometimes its after an hour. I get the last epoch unity error each time the game crashes.

I also wanted to add that I understand that the game is in beta, but I am thouroghly enjoying the heck out of it! Melee is kinda slow, but I get extreme satisfaction in hitting stuff with a 2 handed weapon.

I don’t know if it would help your situation, Shockwaves, but I changed some settings to lower values, like foilage density and shadows to low. I then played for atleast a couple of hours with no problems at all. I also turned on streamer mode but I am not sure what exactly, that changes. Maybe trying some of the adjustments will help stabilize things for you too. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will give that a shot since I have all settings currently maxed out.