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Crashes on loading screen

Hello, I really like the new update unfortunately Im totally unable to play because i get a crash almost on every loading screen. I got to a point once where the game wouldnt even load and just crash. I have no clue what is causing it. I uploaded some crash logs, hope it helps solving the problem. (73.6 KB)
(edit: This was happening to me before in previous patches but it has gotten worse.)

You are not alone. I’m also experiencing crashes, but on transitions from one zone to another. Sometimes the zones are all black (except for HUD overlay), but occasionally just crashes to desktop.

By loading screen I also mean going from zone to zone. And the black screen youre talking about also happens to me occasionally.

Sorry about this! We haven’t been experiencing this issue internally and it doesn’t seem to be a common issue, so that makes this more difficult to investigate.

When uploading your crash report files make sure to include all the files in the folders, not just the .dmp files. This will give us the most information possible. Your system information is also very helpful to determine if this issue is hardware dependent. Could you please upload these files?


Here is my system info, hope it helps. (15.0 KB)

It’s been a few days I tried a lot of different things such as lowering graphics, limiting fps and such. I thought that it might be a CPU issue but I have a processor that is stated on steam as “recommended” so that shouldn’t be the case. I’m pretty frustrated because I really like the game but really can’t play. I managed to get to monolith but I crash almost every time on the loading screen to a quest echo for some reason. Sometimes the crash occurs on loading screen to regular monolith but not that often.

Update from my testing: if I have MS Edge running with Youtube, I can get the crashes to happen regularly. For the past 2 days, I have played with no issues (no crashes or map disappearing) if I kill MS Edge before I start playing LE. Unsure if just having MS Edge up is enough or if Youtube is part of the issue. Read on another LE ‘crash’ thread that someone was having similar issues when Chrome was running.

I know what you’re talking about. The game is great, but with constant crashes…
Did you try verifying your files on steam?
Did you try the standalone client?