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Crash when loading area after using waypoint

Used waypoint and the area was loading but it crashed before I could move.
screenshot and (2.8 MB)

Sorry about that! Some more information would help us look into this.

Have you had this issue multiple times? If so, is it related to going to that particular zone? Did you press any buttons/keys or tab out of the game during the loading screen? Your system information would also be useful.

I have had this multiple times. I don’t know if it was always the same zone, I don’t think it was, if it happens again I’ll post a screenshot here to start tracking it. I did not press any keys or tab out during the loading screen. DxDiag attached. (15.6 KB)

Happened again. Definitely not map-specific.


Player.log (71.1 KB)

It’s not class-specific either.

Old post I made about this issue when playing a different class:

Thanks for the additional details, I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the log files aren’t providing much useful information. Windows’ own crash handler seems to be taking over before the game engine’s own crash handler, which means that less crash debug information is being saved.

If you haven’t already, I would recommend trying to repair the game via Steam. If that doesn’t help, also try lowering all graphics settings before loading a new area. This could help us determine if the problem is related to a specific graphics system.

OK. I did the Steam repair and there were no issues. I’ll try different graphics settings next time I play.

For the record here are the graphics settings I’m using: