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Crash when entering Liath Road campaign zone (23.4 KB)

leveling a new character, twice in a row the game crashed when entering the Liath Road zone from Lake Liath. didn’t have this crash when i most recently levelled (i believe it was patch 0.7.10 or 0.7.10b). since it happened in one session, then again when i reloaded the game and ran back through Lake Liath to the next zone, i included both Player.log and Player-prev.log in my zip file. there was no crash file in the temp directory.

the crash happens before the waypoint just inside the zone activates, so i’m currently soft-locked on progressing this character. :frowning:

edit: after posting, i decided to test something… i had been using my wireless headset on the previous 2 crashes, so i switched back to my speakers, and the game didn’t crash when i entered Liath’s Road. no idea why that worked. i guess i’ll leave the report up since it happened twice in a row. :man_shrugging:

edit 2: did some other things for a while after figuring out the weirdness with the audio output i mentioned in my first edit, then came back to the game with my headset on. after loading the game and TPing from end of time to Liath’s Road, i had the same crash as before. switched audio output, loaded the game, it worked as it should. i played with my speakers until i reached the waypoint in Liath’s Tower, quit the game, switched output to headset, loaded the game and TPed to the tower. had no issues progressing through the tower. when i returned via the door to Liath’s Road, the game froze again, same as all the other times.

i really have no idea why this is happening… i’ve used this headset for months and i’m fairly sure i was using it on my last run through this area on a different character (spellblade). i suppose i should try updating the drivers for the headset as my next step. computers are dumb.

Okay… that is quite strange. I was coming here to post about the same issue - though sometimes it would work fine in Liath’s Road and sometimes not - however it would always crash when I enter Thetima.

It just so happened that I also sometimes use a wireless headset as well. I went ahead and switched it over to speakers now and I have been no issues going in and out of these two zones so far.

I am curious which headset you have though. Mine is a Corsair Void and it appears that the drivers are fully up to date. Though I will double check again shortly.

Thanks though for the odd work-around!

very strange, but at least it’s not just something on my end causing issues. my headset is a Steel Series Arctis 7, so it doesn’t seem to be specifically related to the brand. glad the workaround helped!