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Crash on load screen into Monolith

Loaded into End of Time town hub just fine, then hang on load screen when trying to zone into a Monolith run. Waited it out for several minutes, then gave up on receiving a “not responding” Windows dialogue.

Log file attached.

output_log.txt (186.0 KB)

edit Able to zone in just fine next time I tried; seems to have been a one-time crash. Lost my Monolith streak, though.

Thanks for the log, @A_S00. We’re looking in to it!

Another load screen crash (this time from Echo of a World to End of Time). Otherwise the same as before.

Log file

Gonna force quit and see if it deleted my stash again this time. edit Nope, stash is fine this time,

Still happening after 0.7.3b. Here’s another log file:

output_log.txt (2.5 MB)

Crash was moving from Echo of a World to End of Time again this time.

Let me know if there’s anything besides the log file that would be helpful in these reports, or if you already have all the info you need and further reports aren’t helpful.

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