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Crash on entrance to Ritual Site from Cultist Camp

I’ve got a Lev 18 Mage that will crash to desktop on clicking the entrance to the Ritual Site area from the Cultist Camp. Win10/Steam . Let me know where to find the save file is, if you want a copy.

Crash files:

Save files are in a similar directory last epoch \save instead of \crash.

Hmmm: found \crash but no \save but I did shut off the computer last night. I did just try reloading the character and exiting, but still no \save. Here’re the \crash files, but I’m guessing the save files will be more useful for this bug. Can we even attach save files. I can always move one to my Google drive and link, I suppose. Let me know if I can help. error.log (57.9 KB) Player.log (69.3 KB)

The save files should be in the Last Epoch\save folder (instead of Last Epoch\Crash). If you zip the files up you can upload them.

The save files were in LocalLow not Local. In any case, here you (2.2 KB) . Thanks for all your hard work. Love the game!

Sorry about this! As a first step I would recommend trying to repair the game. If that doesn’t work we’ll be happy to look into more troubleshooting.

Yep - there was one file out of whack. I wasn’t all that concerned - I am a hardcore player, after all and have had at least two characters die since posting this bug. But good customer service, in any case. Close that ticket.

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