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Crafting System Improvement Suggestion

Crafting system is mostly fine system by me . But i feel it still need some adjustments to make full potential . This suggestion may lead to various new builds.

Currently player possible craft till tier 5. Later tiers is dropped. I suggest change that with this instead :
– Lets us craft until last possible tier 7 . But instability chance is different :
– Tier 1 - Tier 3 reduction of instability with glyph’s of stability 5 % (15% without glyph of stability) , and from tier 4 reduction flat with glyph of stability 15% ( 25% without glyph of stability ) . Glyph of guard will more reasonable to keep for later tiers as it reduce instability by 20% . So last tier 7 craft with glyph of guard for 40 % ( 20% without glyph of guard). Reduction of drop chance for rune of guard and give higher chance for glyph of stability .
– Affixes should have rarity colors : common(white), uncommon(Blue) ,rare (yellow), legendary(orange).
– Legendary affixes improves only exist skills by giving one or more ( no more than 3 things ) aspect of skill improvement : Example – RIP BLOOD skill improves ward generation by 20 % and improves rate of fire by 45 %. Legendary affixes can be found as drop , no extractions with rune of shattering.

Lot’s of discussion going on about crafting. If you haven’t seen it you might want to check out this thread of many upcoming changes to the crafting system.

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IMO, no. If you could craft all the way up to t7 then drops from mobs would be even less relevant than they are now. The gambler is the easiest way to get gear to craft up to 4x t5 affixes. The devs introduced t6/7 affixes as drop-only to give us some incentive to very occasionally use the drops from mobs that we get at high level.