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Crafting Materials & Shards

There is a Glyph issue, and a shard issue.
Shard issue being very small (Restart of game fixes)
Glyph issue being very huge (Nothing Works)

As @Sixstringsamurai has said down in the post, this seems right, about the proper disappearance of the crafting window, it has some sort of a sequence.

Shard issue: (Some shards randomly will be chosen, and be placed down to either 1, or 3 in my case)

5/18/2019 Logged in this morning, and it happened. (After patch H)
5/19/2019 Logged in this morning, and it did not happen.

It seems as if it is completely random, or it happens after patches. Seeing as there was a patch before my log in 5/18/2019… (Glyphs), can’t say for sure yet.

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The shards tend to reset after a restart (unless todays patch caused further problems) and can happen after shattering

HOWEVER, glyphs of stability never fix for me. Tonight is the second time i had near 100 and got reduced to 7 for no reason. I dont know if its the same shattering bug or another trigger

Hmm. Yeah just irritating having to restart the game while in the middle of arena or something.

Didn’t have nearly as much stability, perhaps around 30… and it got reduced to somewhere around 7 when I logged in the next day. Something clearly is going on. ^^


Hopefully fixed soon. :ok_hand:

Sorry about this! A log file from after you find that the amount has changed would help us look at this (a log file from when you exit the game could help as well, if the problem is on the saving side).


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Yeah I can try to remember to do that, but doubtful.
It happened again where I had around 40 Glyph of Stability, and it was reduced to 7.
I guess not many people are experiencing this.

I think a lot of people are experiencing it but not noticing, the stat shards are the hardest to notice because unless it effects specific stats you are after crafting you would never notice. It also fixes it self after swap characters or reload the game. The bigger issue is the the stuff that disappears from the roll out in your inventory, that will not come back. It seems to also delete from the bottom right and moves left then up in that same order.

I have been stashing my guardians and stability glyphs in my actual stash and as soon as I did that then Cleansing runes started having the same issue followed by the glyph next to it, and working its way up. Talking to a number of people pushing waves and engaging in min/max crafting we initially thought it was related to stack size being over 100, but having tested the above it seems to be “slot” and order based rather then size of the stack being stored.


:thinking: Interesting research.
Yeah that’s kind of what I thought, not many people are noticing due to it’s kind of a specific detail. I notice because I use Glyph of Stability a lot. I was trying to gather up 50+ and do a nice crafting session, but I guess not. -_-

Yeah for now I suggest devoting a tab of your actual stash towards storing a reserve of them, I’ve yet to have them vanish doing so. It’s not ideal but storing around 20-30 of them just in case seems to be the safest route right now.

Would it be safe to just deposit them all into the stash? I may do that.

Yeah it’s just a matter of how you are personally using your space. I store a number of bases for various builds so my stash space is limited by that. So devoting entire tabs to a crafting resource might not be ideal for everyone which is why I just suggested a single tab to store a safe usable number. You typically won’t use a large amount crafting, I think highest I’ve ever used is 6 of each glyph in crafting because items tend to fracture before I could use more.

Ah, true they don’t stack when out of your crafting materials tab. Sigh… lol
Alright, thanks for the advice, hopefully a fix will be soon on this. Don’t really have the energy in me to get the log files that are needed. Have too many other things going on for my brain.


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