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Crafting items - Direct to storage please

This feedback is because I hate unnecessary clicking.

Please make the crafting items go direct to storage and code in a way to trade them from storage later. They just take up inventory space until a player clicks a button - which is a waste of time.

Thanks for listening!


It’s like that so it actually feels like loot instead of something like gold, which I actually appreciate. I don’t think the extra click is that bad.

I second this. It’s minor, but it’s annoying, so I’d definitely love to have this happen automatically!!

It isn’t bad, but it slows down gameplay. It is NOT loot though, it is made to craft items. This is an inherent problem in many ARPGs, the slowing of gameplay to pick things up, and these are an easy fix to that problem.

+1 from me. Even though i think there should be an option like in Grim Dawn to auto pickup those crafting materials. I actually died a couple times to this because i just wanted to have this one material laying around :smiley:

Not to mention that when I’m in lich mode my goal is to stay a lich as long as possible. Picking up items is already a decision I have to weigh, and to have to sort inventory because of crafting items is a little frustrating.

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