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Crafting inventory bug

not sure HOW to explaing it but this link should explain what happened in full detail. After crafting an item it became fractured and wouldnt let me apply it back into inventory or unto my char. after a few seconds i decided to open my stash and the ring fell on the ground. When i started to attempt to shatter some equipment it wouldnt let me put any item into the crafting slot and would act as tho i still had a hold of it. Here is the clip from my stream for your visual.

Thanks for the report!

If you haven’t opened the game client again since, could you please post your log file?

Unfourtunatly i have opened it since then… ill make sure to add a log file for next time it happens. I havent ran i to any other issues as of yet but when i do ill have a video and a log file next time.

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