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Crafting glyph bug

I farmed for like a few hours and got a bunch of glyphs, but somehow they reduce a lot in number, the most obvious thing is the glyph of stability, it drops a ton and even before I farm I had a lot of them, maybe 80ish. But after farm and a few crafting (which didn’t include the glyph of stability at all), the glyphs are gone!
As for other glyphs I didn’t keep in track but I’ve been in the game for 58hrs, the only 2 glyph I really use are the shattering and the guardian ones. So I assume they also are showing reduced amount?
Has anyone had the same situation?

I’ve also had Glyphs of Stability mysteriously disappear on me.

To add to this, if you left click some of the crafting mats with the shop open they go to your stash and become stuck, the art is there but you cannot remove them or get them back attached screenshot:bug

I too had a stack of Glyphs of Stability vanish.

All my glyphs of stability just vanished again on my first login after 0.7.0f patch.

Output log: output_log.txt (797.2 KB)

This was my first successful login post-patch, but I did have one crash first, so can’t be sure whether the glyphs were lost on the first or second attempt. Output log for the first attempt is in the linked thread.

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