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Crafting/Fracture Glitch

What happened:

I was crafting, when the item fractured (cries in material shards).
After the item fractured it was difficult to get the item out of the crafting window - could not replace it with another item either, or shatter it. When I finally got the item out of the crafting window, the stats and a shadow of the old item stayed and I could not put any other item in.
at the same time I could not “stash” (inventory button) any shards or other materials anymore.

relog fixed both problems

What did I expect to happen:

I craft, item turns out perfect. Jokes aside.
I craft, item eventually fractures, I can take it out and craft on the next. Eventually shatter the fractured one if I am not happy with it. And I can continue to do my Monolith runs.

Recreated the issue two additional times out of two tries after the first incident.

and as per usual, let me know if you need more informations


This issue is driving me nuts. It happens every time I go to craft an item and it fractures… if I do manage to get the item out of the crafting block it usually replaces my mouse pointer with the item I was trying to craft. When this issue happens my inventory typically bugs out. I guess I just farm monoliths til im satisfied then go to craft later because at this point ive had to reset 10+ runs because I try to craft an item as I get it. Fustrating to say to least everytime you have to restart your monolith progress because of a crafting bug.

Also experiencing this issue. Enhance an item, it fractures (boo) and then the item is effectively stuck in the crafting window. If one is able to remove the item, it becomes “attached” to the mouse pointer and cannot be dropped/equipped/stored/returned to crafting. As @Schnarchnase states, relogging corrects the issue, but it causes the loss of the fractured item meaning it can not be recycled for shards.

Sorry about this! A log file from anyone who has experienced this will help us look. Trying to find the ouput_log in the last epoch program files, however am unable to find it to help with this issue from crafting. This pic is trying to craft this belt and it fractured and now it is the cursor unable to put in a chest or drop on the floor. It just glitched to the mouse cursor.

Tried to upload my log, the website told me new users cannot upload attachments. I experienced a similar issue to this with a fractured item stuck in the crafting window.

Exited after latest fracture glitch occurrence. Log attached.

output_log.txt (162.7 KB)

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Another log file following a fracture glitch occurrence.

output_log.txt (281.1 KB)

Also had this issue. I noticed when I shift + right-click to move the shatter glyph it went up into the item slot, when I removed it and added another item, it sat ‘on top’ of the fractured item. This pattern continued indefinitely. (I could shift click the glpyh in, take it out, then shift click another item over top permanently)

Log attached.
output_log.txt (400.6 KB)

Just now noticing too that, if one has crafting shards in their inventory after the glitch occurs, those shards can no longer be ‘stashed’ away. Hitting the ‘Stash Materials’ button only opens up the crafting/forge panel (rather than simply storing away the shards in one’s inventory.)

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